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Nutrition plays a major role in healing any illness. It is also one of the easiest and empowering ways that you can take back your health. You wouldn’t put milk into a car and expect it to run, so why shouldn’t you eat the right foods so your body and mind can perform to their best! Eating food that is appropriate for you as an individual not only improves your energy, but also puts the power of healing back in your hands.   

The goal of nutritional counseling is to empower you to reach realistic and achievable goals at your own pace. I teach you to also begin a new relationship with your body and food by making good choices. My philosophy as a GAPS™  (Gut and Psychology Syndrome)™ Practitioner is to focus on whole foods to receive your nutrition. I recommend only a few supplements and only if absolutely needed. I believe that we eat food, and not nutrients. Supplements should only be taken temporarily. As we heal, our bodies will be able to extract what we need from the right foods.

With my extensive background in clinical and alternative nutrition, I can tailor a nutritional program that addresses your individual needs and lifestyle. If requested, I can work along with your doctor or any other healthcare practitioner. In addition to nutritional counseling, I also teach clients how to cook food that is nourishing, satisfying, and easy to prepare. 

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