I have been extremely fortunate to have Diane Giammarino as my main nutritional advisor for the past 9 months. I had a very serious diagnosis, and Diane was able to bring her extensive deep knowledge of medicine, food, and healing, along with her intuitive sense of what would work for me as an individual during any given week, to help guide me to turn my medical situation around. Diane is a true healer. She is kind, generous, patient, and wise. Anyone would be lucky indeed to have Diane thinking about them and their nutritional needs.  —CG, Brooklyn, NY


In the years that I have been working with Diane Giammarino, my life has changed dramatically for the better! Due to her guidance with nutrition, including mindful eating, I am no longer on medication for depression, arthritis, eczema, and seasonal allergies, which had been on and off for years. I am currently using her service to deal with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and have already been relieved of so many of its symptoms due to her guidance with nutrition as well as her powerful Reiki treatments.  Her knowledge is beyond compare with any other practitioner that I have encountered and her compassion, understanding, and non-judgment helps make my healing journey much easier. She is truly a blessing to have in my life and anyone would be lucky and wise to employ her services and embrace her amazing talent, knowledge, and gifts. JB, Brooklyn, NY


I have known Diane for many years, and she has helped me immensely throughout this time. I trust her judgement when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. It is extremely difficult to make changes to your diet as well as keep up with it, but she is encouraging and makes the process more pleasant. I have been on many different diets for health issues, and I believe that without Diane I would never have been able to make significant changes in my life. She is dedicated to her patients and has a passion for helping people. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with health issues looking to make a change. —JA, Brooklyn, NY